About us

We were born and raised in the Republic of South Africa.  It seemed I was born a dog lover.  My parents were not.  One of the first things we did when we married was get a puppy, (an English Cocker) and a kitten.  Our love for Spaniels continued over the years.  I always remembered the little Spaniels in the paintings and the stories that I read of British Royalty and history.

We were busy raising our family of five children, but when our last child went to college, we started seriously searching for a show Cavalier.   They were hard to find in 1998, and Breeders were very protective of them.   I now understand why.  I finally came in contact with a Breeder, who after many interviews and a visit, agreed to trust me with a Blenheim Cavalier show prospect girl.

I was not knowledgeable at the time, and appreciate those ethical Breeder friends who took me under their wing, and began my teachings.  I had no idea how vast and deep the span of education, and continue to learn to this day.

We have been showing Cavaliers since 1999.  Our Cavaliers are registered in both the AKC club and the CKCSC.  This is now our hobby, but more… our passion. 


We have travelled all over the country to show in both venues.  I handle my own dogs.  I am still excited when it is time to be off to a dog show.  For a few days, one is infused with "doggy stuff” in a different world.  Meeting with old and new friends, being mentored, and helping those who are new to the dog show ring.  I have many memories of the experiences we have had during these times.

Our Cavaliers live in our home with us and they are a part of our family.  Each one gets love and attention and time on a lap.  We have a large fenced yard where the dogs run and play together.

We choose a stud that will suit and complement the dam, as we build and improve our breeding program.  The Cavalier loving and joyful temperament is also paramount.

When a litter of puppies is born, they are in a playpen with their mother caring for them.  We keep them by our bedroom, so we can hear if one is crying at night.  The first week we check each time we hear a squeak.  This is almost always just a puppy trying to get closer to mama and push a sibling out of the way.

At 4-5 weeks old, we move them into the Dog/TV room, where they become accustomed to all the normal sounds of daily life and routine.

We take pains to ensure that puppies are socialized.  They go for car rides and visit a few places that we know will not be a health threat to them.  They live with a cat, and visits from the family grandchildren are always filled with fun.