Our Breeding Philosophy

Every one of our dogs is loved and they are a part of our family, living in our home.  We strive to give each one a chance to reach their full potential, living a happy and contented life whether their future includes Conformation ring performances, or dedication to bringing unconditional love and joy to their adopted family.  

Our Cavaliers live in our home with us and are considered part of our family.  Each one gets love, attention and plenty of group and individual lap time.  We have a large fenced yard where the dogs run and play together with us.

We choose a stud that will suit and complement the dam, as we build and improve our breeding program.  Bringing out the loving and joyful temperament that is the earmark of the Cavalier breed is a paramount goal for us.

When a litter of puppies is born, they are in a playpen with their mother caring for them.  We keep them by our bedroom, so we can hear if one is crying at night.  The first week we check each time we hear a squeak.  This is almost always just a puppy trying to get closer to mama and push a sibling out of the way.

At 4-5 weeks old, we move them into the Dog/TV room, where they become accustomed to all the normal sounds of daily life and routine.  We take pains to ensure that puppies are socialized.  They go for car rides and are exposed to new experiences, people, and places that we trust will not be a health threat to them.  They live with a cat who thinks she’s one of them.  Frequent visits from the family grandchildren are great socializing opportunities and are always filled with fun and great photo ops.

Our puppies are normally ready to be selected for adoption after they turn 8 weeks old, and then to be re-homed after 10.  All puppies are evaluated individually at 8 weeks for qualities that we feel will enhance our selective breeding needs, at which time we decide whom to keep and whom to home.
We will also be evaluating their individual temperaments during this period so as to be able to suggest match ups with the stated preferences of adopting families.

Should you not be ready to re-home the pup at this time, you may still select and secure the puppy of your choice with a non-refundable deposit after the 8 week evaluation. 

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