Puppy Sales Policy

By the age of 8 weeks, we evaluate each puppy and reach decisions about the part we would like them to play in our selective breeding program.  At this point we are usually in a position to know who will be available for purchase. 

The puppies we then choose to sell will require spay/neuter contract. 

Before then, we conscientiously adhere to the following safeguards:  We do ongoing health testing on all dams and sires at which time they are certified for Heart, Eye, Hip, Patella and, most recently, for Episodic Falling, Dry Eye and Curly Coat.

Although this is not a 100% guarantee of a healthy puppy, we do ensure that their parents are sound, giving them the best chance for a happy healthy life. 

Puppies will be registered with AKC and CKCSC, (the original Cavalier Club) since we participate in shows in both clubs.

When puppies leave here, they are socialized to other adults and children, other dogs and our resident cat. 

Their immunizations will be up to date, they will have been treated for parasites and each will have had a Health check at the vet.

They will be micro chipped with a prepaid registration.

We will always remain accessible willing to address any questions as the new family member settles in.